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To create a link

Remember - External links should open in a new window, and internal links should open in same window.

Link to an external website:
  • From the frontend of a website, find the page you want to link to, in the address bar highlight and copy the complete URL (Ctrl+C)
  • Open the article in the backend of the website where you want to add a link
  • Type and/or then Select the text you want to use for the link
  • Click the Insert/Edit Link icon on the JCE Editor
  • Paste the URL in the URL box (Ctrl+V)
  • Target – choose the Open in current window/frame option (for internal links)
    or Open in new window/frame option (for external links)
    Click Insert
Link to an internal File or image that is already saved in the Media Manager:
  • From Article Manager, open your Article and select the text or image to assign the link to.
  • Click the Link icon at the bottom of the JCE Editor. (The Link window opens.)
  • Click the Browse icon to the right of the URL box.
  • Navigate to and Select the File or Image you want to link to
  • In the Target box – choose the Open in current window/frame
  • Click Insert. The Link will be inserted in your article.
  • To edit a link > highlight the linked text >click the Insert/Edit Link icon on the JCE Editor again.
  • To delete a link > highlight the linked text > click the Unlink icon on the JCE Editor
  • Click Save.
  • Go to the front end of your website and find the article. Refresh the page and test the Link.
  • Return to the backend or the website. Click Save and Close.
  • NOTE: External links must contain the full URL including https://.
To remove a link:
  • Locate and carefully select by highlighting only the link you wish to remove.
  • Click the Unlink button on the JCE Editor (which only shows when you have highlighted an existing link). The link will be removed.

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