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Commitment to Quality
at SeniorNet Nelson's Learning Centre

quality-assuranceQuality Assurance


We strive to deliver quality learning for all our students in a friendly environment.

We adhere to the quality management practices of the SeniorNet Federation.

Learning Centre Commitments

  • Objectives and goals for all learning will be described before each session.
  • We will provide quality resources for learning.
  • Our volunteer tutors are selected to teach their given topics.
  • Our tutors will do their best to pace their teaching and wherever possible provide individual tuition.

Student Commitments

  • To maintain an open and positive approach to learning.
  • To respect other students and be patient: we all learn at a different pace.
  • To respect the tutors: remember they do this voluntarily.
  • To undertake practice sessions in your own time.
  • To keep to class timetables.
  • To provide constructive feedback to help improve learning at the centre.