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At Startup:

HINT: Important order for working - C. A. M:
C = Categories. First - create your categories (Go to Categories section)
A = Articles. Next - create your articles
M = Menu. Next - add your article to your menu


To create a new article:

NOTE - First make sure you have created a category for the new article. (Go to Categories section)

  • Go to the Article Manager > New
  • Under the Content tab >Title (Give an appropriate title for searching) > Category (choose from list)
  • Under the Options tab > Title (Global Configuration should be set at Hide)
  • Add your text and images > Save or Save & Close.
    - Save: Saves the article but leaves it still open for editing.
    - Save & Close: Saves the article and returns you to the Articles List.
  • Left align everything in the article except the images and the horizontal rule, because the view from a mobile phone changes the alignment to "justify" in the Favourite template.

To Copy and Paste text:

  • Copy (Ctrl+C) text from anywhere 
    - Paste (Ctrl+V) as Plain Text (using the JCE Editor icon),
    - or paste into the article, then highlight all the pasted text and Remove Format (JCE icon)
  • Always use Preformatted Headings or Paragraph (from the drop-down lists in JCE) 
    - it is wise to click the Remove Format icon twice before you choose a new heading size (from the dropdown list).
  • NOTE: The Font Family default is Roboto 14pt for Paragraph.

To add an image:

To create a link:

To link to an External website:
  • From the frontend of a website, find the page you want to link to > copy the URL (Ctrl+C)
  • Return to the article in the backend of the website
  • Select/highlight the text you want to use for the link
  • Choose the Insert/Edit Link icon on the JCE Editor
  • Paste the URL in the URL box (Ctrl+V)
  • Target – choose the Open in new window/frame option (for external links only)
    The Open in current window/frame option is for internal links)
    Click Insert
  • NOTE: External links must contain the full URL including https://
To link to an Internal file or image that is already saved in the Media Manager:
  • From Article Manager, open your Article and select the text or image to assign the link to.
  • Click the Link icon on the bottom row of the JCE Editor. (The Link window opens.)
  • Click the Browse icon to the right of the URL box.
  • Navigate to and Select the File or Image you want to link to
  • In the Target box – choose the Open in current window/frame
  • Click Insert. The Link will be inserted in your article.
  • To edit a link > highlight the text >click the Insert/Edit Link icon on the JCE again.
  • To delete a link > highlight the text > click the Unlink icon on the JCE
  • Click Save.
  • Go to the front end of your website and find the article. Test the Link.
  • Return to the backend or the website. Click Save and Close.

To link to an article that is not yet uploaded: Example of how to upload a PDF to a Joomla! article

The example we are using is of a PDF of Committee Minutes.
These are uploaded monthly after they have been confirmed at the Committee meeting following the actual meeting. E.g. Minutes for October would be uploaded in November (after the November Committee meets and advises any changes / or that there are no changes).


  1. If the Minutes are in Word they need to be saved as a PDF in a place on your computer that you can find when you need to upload them to Joomla! Rename at the same time if necessary.
  2. Sign into the website back end using your user name and password.
  3. Go to Content / Articles and enter “Committee Documents” in the search box
  4. Open the article and scroll down to the first item on the list.
    Position your cursor immediately before the text and use Enter to do a hard return which will move the item down 2 spaces
  5. Use your up arrow to move the cursor to the space above.
  6. Type the title of the new document into the space you have created. keeping the same style.
  7. Highlight this line
  8. Click the Insert/Edit link button (not the unlink). Use outer scroll bar to see tools above.
  9. Click Browse near top right to activate the File Browser and you should see the highlighted line from the previous month in the Minutes Folder..
  10. Click the Upload button
  11. Scroll down to find the browse button and click
  12. Navigate on your computer to find the PDF file in question and open it.
  13. Click upload
  14. When you see the correct file is highlighted and ticked and can see that it is displayed under the “Details” pane at right - Click that line.
  15. Click update
  16. Type in the title at the bottom
  17. Click Update
  18. Click SAVE – top left
  19. Go to the front end and navigate to Admin/Committee Admin/ Committee Documents/the file you uploaded
  20. Open the file to ensure it is correct. NB Use REFRESH!
  21. Go back to the back end and delete the extra space then click save and close
  22. Recheck front end (refresh)
  23. Close the Articles:Edit screen folder
  24. Sign out of the back end from top right.

File upload at Manager level uisng Windows 10

The example used is to update a file which is sent weekly by SNAP and will be received by email. During the routine the old file is deleted from the site.
On completion the new file is deleted from your email folders. It is then deleted from anywhere else it has been used or downloaded on your device/s.

  • Log in to the back end of the website
  • Click “Articles” in the left pane
  • Click inside the search box and enter your keywords/s then click the search icon
  • Click the title of the article to open it.
  • Locate last week’s file and click within the title and type to change it to the new date
  • Select the whole link
  • Click the “Insert/Edit Link” tool.
    The Link window opens.
  • Click the “Browse” icon to the right of the URL. A new window opens showing the relevant Folder with last week’s file selected. This is indicated by the blue tick to the left of the file name in the middle pane and its blue colour.
  • Delete this document by clicking on the garbage can in the right pane.
    When asked “Delete selected item?” click delete. The centre pane is empty.
  • Near top right click “Upload” then use the green button” browse” to navigate on your PC. Find and select the new file. Click Open.
    Recheck the file name then click “Upload”.
    On completion you will see the new file selected in the folder (highlighted blue with a blue tick.)
  • Click update. The link window opens.
    At the bottom edit the Title to the new name. Click “Update”.
  • You will be returned to the Article. SAVE (green Save button at top left).
  • Go to the front end. Log in to the page.
  • Click the link and when the document opens check it is the correct one.
    Use the back button to return to the page and Log out of the front end..
  • Return to the back end of the website and close the article with the close button at the top.
  • Log out of the website using the drop-down on the icon at top right.
  • Delete the email and trash the deleted file. Delete the file from downloads, desktop and/or wherever they are in your system and from your Recycle bin.

To remove a link:

    • Locate and carefully select by highlighting only the link you wish to remove.
    • Click the Unlink button on the JCE Editor (which only shows when you have highlighted an existing link). The link will be removed.


To see the HTML code for an article:

      • Toggle Editor or the powericon(just above JCE)
      • OR click the Source Code <> icon on the JCE


To remove the author name, creation date or update date from all articles:

To change the details options (settings) for a single article from those set in Global Settings:
      • Go to Article Manager, and then click Options.
      • Under the Articles tab locate the Author Name, Created Date and Time and Modified Date and change the options to Hide as required.
      • Click the Save or Save & Close button. 
To change the Global Settings which apply the default for all articles:
      • Go to System > Global Configuration > Articles
      • Choose your options
      • NOTE: These settings apply wherever "Use Global" is selected in the article's parameters.
      • Click Save & Close


Protocol for SeniorNet Nelson Course Articles (guide only):

      • Title: Style - h3.itemAuthorName
      • Image
      • Number of courses – e.g. Two x 2-hour (3 spaces) Cost $14 (Shift+Enter)
        System ...
      • Add a wide blue borizontal rule.
        • To add this line, copy (Ctrl+C)  the following code:
          (This is only necessary because the Insert Horizontal Line icon on the JCE does not work in our Favourites template.)
          <table style="height: 4px; width: 600px;">
          <tr style="height: 1px; border-color: #d2ddfe; border-width: 1px; background-color: #d2ddfe;">
        • Toggle Editor or the powericon (just above JCE), Refresh
          - or Click the Source Code icon in JCE Editor (<>),
          - find the place to add line (click the Enter key once), then paste the code.
        • Click Save.
        • NOTE -To add a narrow blue horizontal line copy and paste the following code:
          <p style="display: inline-block; width: 100%; height: 2px; background: #d2ddfe;">&nbsp;</p>
      • Overview – Heading 4 > return. Add information.
      • Prerequisites - Heading 4 > return. Add information.
      • Learning Objectives - Heading 4 > return, Add information.
At the bottom of each article add:
      • "Click Timetable (add link, underline) to see if there is currently a course scheduled"
      • "If no course is scheduled you may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (add link, underline) to ask to be put on a waiting list".


New articles for the SeniorNetNelson website:

      • Type the article in an editable form in Word, LibreOffice, Pages, WordPad, etc.
      • Attach the article as a PDF to an email and send to a website coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) who will upload it to the website.


To make a new dummy article:

While waiting for a contributor to send in their information (preferably by email), make a new article so you can add the title to the menu. Add "Coming soon..." to the article. When the information arrives cut and paste the text into the article, removing the format and reformatting.


To add a background image or colour to an article:

You can place a background image or color in an article by following these steps:

  • In the JCE Editor click the "Source Code Editor" icon and enter the code indicated below at the very beginning of the article:
  • Open the article for editing.
  • For an image:
    • <div style="background-image: url('/images/stories/key.jpg')">
  • For a color:
    • <div style="background-color: #dddddd">
  • Substitute your desired image or colour in the code above. If you are using the JCE Editor you do not need to add the closing </div> tag at the end of the article since JCE Editor will add this for you automatically.
  • Check external links open in new window, internal links open in same window.

Interest Group Quick Links (Find news about upcoming and previous meetings here)