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Facebook for Beginners


Two x 2-hour sessions
Suitable for users of all Operating Systems



The aim of this course is to show you some basics of how to use Facebook safely. Facebook is safe to use if you remember not to reveal personal details or any information which could harm yourself or others. When you put a comment or photograph up on Facebook it needs to be something you would happily share in public because it is disclosed immediately to so many others. Remembering this will keep you safe and allow you to enjoy Facebook. Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with your family and friends, to find out what everyone is doing and to see their photographs and videos. You can control your privacy settings in Facebook and make your account private if you wish. Facebook is lots of fun and it also has other features like online games and Facebook on your mobile phone.  These extras are not covered in the workshop.


  • Reasonable Internet skills
  • Ability to log on to your own Facebook page with your username and password
  • Preferable that you bring your own device (tablet, laptop, phone)


This workshop covers some basics of how to navigate, find friends and add content. Privacy Account Settings are recommended for you.