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News: Other Branches and TOTS (Top of the South Region)

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Below are links to websites and newsletters created by other SeniorNet branches.
Some branches do not have websites so a copy of their newsletters is added as a PDF:


SeniorNet Federation and TOTS (Top of the South) Information:

Gizmoe is the newsletter of the SeniorNet Federation. The latest newsletter can be found on their website under the "Info" menu. Previous newsletters can be found at the link below:

Christchurch SeniorNet Mac:

  • SeniorNet Mac Infoletters are too big to load here, but you can go to their website to read their previous newsletters.

Dunedin SeniorNet (Dunedin do not have a website) but there are links to their newsletters below:

SeniorNet Dunedin Newsletters 2021

SeniorNet Dunedin Newsletters 2020

Hutt City SeniorNet:

Kapiti SeniorNet:

Kumeu SeniorNet (Kumeu do not have a website):

SeniorNet Kumeu Newsletters 2021

Marlborough Sounds SeniorNet
2021 - You can now read Marlborough's newsletters on their new website

Motueka SeniorNet

 SeniorNet (Otago do not have a website):

Rotorua SeniorNet:

Tauranga SeniorNet