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iPad/iPhone Interest Group

Held in the SeniorNet Hall at the front of the building
1.30 pm on the Second Tuesday of the month
Check the Timetable to make sure
It’s only $2 which goes towards overheads

No enrolment is required – just drop in if you are a financial member of SeniorNet Nelson
You may bring your own device if you wish

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From Stuart:

The return of the highlight of every session: “The Tea/Coffee & biscuits” – outside, weather permitting!.

Please read the Home Page for our latest Covid safety guidelines

Suggestions, ideas, Tips & tricks to:-

9th NOVEMBER 2021 1.30pm

This will be the last session for this year

“The Big Review”

  • Question: – What did we learn? What did we not learn but wanted to?
  • We had a mix of “in the hall” and Zoom, which is our favoured option?
  • That mystery subscription? What might it be? How do we check? Where do we check? If it’s
    something we did not ask for, how do we follow up for a refund?
  • Keeping up with all the updates now on iOS 14.8.1 also iOS15 available, but what’s in the box?
  • How do we check? Where do we check? A couple of settings we should look at.
    Elf & Safety (H&S) The associated Apps we have covered this year from what3words AED Locations
    St. John
  • How many of us have applied the ICE on our Homescreen
  • Talking about Markup-where can we get an affordable suitable pen?
  • Jim’s Master List –shall we re-visit?
  • Future format for next year’s sessions – what are we looking for? What are we hoping for? What do
    we need to change? Do we need a change?? Maybe a new presenter? Can YOU give it a go?

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