SeniorNet Nelson

Image contributed by Helen Delorenzo

Digital Imagery Group

DIG meets on the last Friday of the month at 1.30pm in the SeniorNet Nelson Hall.
No enrolment is required, and visitors are welcome.
Please check the TimeTable to see when the next session is on. 

The Digital Imagery Group is an enthusiastic bunch of people who like playing about with digital photographs and sharing them around.

We have some amazingly talented photographers in the group, and we have others with little experience who just want to be able to share their photographs with far-off family. Many people are somewhere in between and we all learn from each other with great enjoyment. The aim of the group is for everyone to enjoy taking more and better photographs.

We help to make using a camera fun and we show you interesting things. You will learn all kinds of techniques and editing skills.

You may view images on the Group’s website at Shutterfly:

Check out some of our photos below. If you click on an image it will open in a larger size.

DIG Monthly Reports