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Android Interest Group

Held in the SeniorNet Hall at the front of the building at 1.30pm on the Third Tuesday of the month
(except when Covid19 levels restrict us from using the Learning Centre).
The $2.00 cost goes towards overheads.
Check the Timetable to see when the next session is on.

No enrolment is required – just drop in if you are a financial member of SeniorNet Nelson.
Bring along your charged-up Android Tablet or ‘phone and share information with others.
Usually there will be a topic to discuss, which will be arranged in advance by the convenor for the month.

Bring your ideas and enjoy learning and helping others.

Android Interest Group -Tuesday 16th November

How to set up your phone as a Hotspot


Please note the new start time of 1:30 pm. The 2 pm start time is historical.”Back in the day” SeniorNet used to often run three classes a day: 10am to 12pm, 12pm to 2pm, and 2pm to 4pm. There is not the demand for this number of classes now – how things have changed. An earlier start means that we can all get home sooner and beat the after-work traffic!

Have you ever been away from home and don’t have an internet connection? Did you know that it is easy to set a phone up as a Hotspot and connect to it just like you would connect to the Wifi in your home? Well, you can. This link details how to do it:

During this session we will practice how to do this. There will also be time for you to ask questions/get help and share about your favourite apps.

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What is Android?

(From an article in Newsletter 80, May 2015 by Carl Horn)
Android is often mentioned – as is Samsung – at SeniorNet Nelson, and in the media, and often refers to the same thing. Android is the system that runs many tablets, mostly made by Samsung, but also by many other brands. The same system is in more than half of the mobile phones being sold worldwide and by now more than half of the tablets, surpassing iPads in sales. It is reported to have over 80% of the market. You‘re in good company If you have one.

Technically speaking, many programs (software) can be run simultaneously on modern computers, each performing a specific function. A program which controls all the internal functions of a computer, such as its keyboard for input, its touch screen for input and output, its connection with the Internet for both input and output, and its connection with the mobile phone system, is called an operating system. There are many different brands of operating system. The Android operating system was developed by Google. If your phone or tablet was manufactured by Samsung, it is using a version of the Android operating system. If your device is an i-phone or an i-pad, then it was manufactured by Apple and its operating system was developed by Apple. I-phones and i-pads do not use the Android operating system. Even though a manufacturer may use a basic version of the Android operating system as their base program to control their device, they frequently program the next layer of the operating system themselves. The result is that the appearance of the home screens and the location of icons on them will probably look different, not only from the Android devices of other manufacturers but also different from other models of the same manufacturer.