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Usually held on the 4th Wednesday of the month in the SeniorNet Hall or Learning Centre at 2.00 pm.
$2.00 towards overheads please.
Check the Timetable to see when the next session is on. 

Please note that this group is cancelled at the Learning Centre during the Covid-19 lockdown.
See below for alternative meetings.



Coming up:

Media Group ZOOM Event on Wednesday 24 June at 2.00 pm - This month FROM PHONE TO SCREEN

Once again, instead of gathering at the SeniorNet rooms for the usual Media Group, we will be convening online! You can still enjoy the company and conversation of fellow members but from the comfort of your armchair via ZOOM.

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New to Zoom?

This meeting is not a Zoom tutorial!
  1. First choose your device.  Any device that has a camera and microphone will do.
  2. Download the Zoom app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store,  or
  3. Visit the Zoom website at and choose to download “Zoom Client For Meetings”.

Roger Pittman, Convenor, Media Group.

If you need more information about this meeting please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We love donations
We bank at Westpac Nelson, account no. 03-0703-0385293-00 SeniorNet Nelson Inc  

 About the Media Group

TV, radio, movies, home movies, recorded music, photos and books - in the 21st century the computer revolution means that we are increasingly consuming them as “media”.

The days of broadcast television, paperback books, newspapers, photo albums, CDs and DVDs are dwindling, and soon everyone will obtain them by streaming through the internet.

It’s scary, but fear not, SeniorNet has the Media Group, an Interest Group that helps members understand smart TVs, TV on demand, streaming radio, streaming recorded music, digital books and newspapers, and photo sharing.

Roger Pittman will, each month, explain the topics, demonstrate the technology and discuss your questions.

Media Group Reports


MG Video Report - June 2020
      - Phone to Screen Part 2
      - Please note - This is a private link (i.e. it is not publicly available on YouTube)
MG Video Report - May 2020
      - Phone to Screen Part 1

      - Please note - This is a private link (i.e. it is not publicly available on YouTube)
MG Report - April 2020
      - Photography Presentation 2020
MG Report - March 2020 ( Includes links to Zoom Tutorials and Conference Do's and Don'ts)

     - For more information and tutorials on Zoom click here (SeniorNetNelson Help Centre / Teach Yourself)
MG Report - February 2020


MG Report - November 2019
     - Media Group Podcast - Our Volunteers (Media Group's First Podcast)
     - Podcast Production Presentation
     - Podcast Production Notes
MG Report - October 2019 / Podcasting

MG Report - September 2019 / NEWS:
     -Spark Sport Presentation 1
     -Spark Sport Presentation 2
     -Getting the News 1
     -Getting the News 2
     -News via Social Media and Browser Newsfeeds
MG Report - August 2019
 / Library PresentationLibrary Apps / NCC Library Online
MG Report - April 2019

MG Report - March 2019

MG Report - February 2019

MG Report - January 2019


MG Report - November 2018
MG Report - October 2018

MG Report - September 2018

Information for your interest from the previous group, known as the Technical Interest Group

Here are some links to the workshop material: for networking development from the beginning. for Internet Protocol development. is software that enables you to capture network traffic as it flashes past so you can examine it at your leisure.  Mostly we don't need to do that. For Windows 8 users, you can see that the system goes back to OS2 days which is almost the beginning of Windows 25 years ago.  Still in use.  Looks a bit different. all about the cables.

tig group working2 tig group working1 TIG Group 2017

Photo credit: John WattTechnical Interest Group Reports

TLG Report - August 2018 (continuation of Peter Thompson's talk on Privacy and Security)
TLG Report - July 2018 (includes Pt 1 of Peter Thompson's talk on Privacy and Security)

TLG Report - June 2018

TLG Report - May 2018

TLG Report - April 2018

TLG Report - March 2018

TLG Report - February 2018

TLG Report - November 2017
TLG Report - October 2017

TLG Report - September 2017
TLG Report - August 2017

Interest Group Quick Links (Find news about upcoming and previous meetings here)