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iPad/iPhone Interest Group

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Usually held in the SeniorNet Hall at the front of the building at 2 p.m. on the Second Tuesday of the month, but this is cancelled during the CoVid-19 Lockdown.

Coming up: Tuesday 12th May at 2.00pm via Zoom

Let’s get close and personal, have our devices helped us during Lockdown?
Are we suffering Zoom fatigue? I promise this will NOT be one of those!
We are all in this together, so let us try to help each other with tips & tricks and advice.
Especially at this difficult time, we need more than ever to keep up with our computer and tablet skills, we get older, maybe less mobile so we want our brains to maintain our abilities with communication etc.
We hope to cover:

  • Apps for FREE we like that one, from Jim
  • Share your screen, how does it work? What does it look like? Helen
  • If and when we get the Covid-19 Location App. How will it work? Any dangers?
  • Do we know how to bank online? Where to get help…..
  • Chromecast - What is this all about? Hopefully, Jeanie can help with the answers.
    If we want, we can buzz around the screen getting everyone’s experience and stories.
  • PLUS whatever comes up and generally there will be lots.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with suggestions, ideas or complaints.
If anyone needs help installing Zoom or finding their way around the screen, one of our friendly team of experts can help.



Sharing iPad and iPhone knowledge.
No enrolment is required - just drop in if you are a financial member of SeniorNet Nelson.

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Tea break at an iPad class - June 2017

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