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About Interest Groups

We have four interest Groups at SeniorNet Nelson.
Just $5.00 towards overheads please.
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Why do so many people enjoy our Interest Groups?

The reasons are many:

  • Some people say they don’t want to have to enrol in classes in advance. They prefer to decide on the day whether or not to attend an Interest Group.
  • Then there is the relaxed style of learning – if you don’t want to contribute anything there is no pressure to do so, you are welcome to sit and listen.
  • You don’t need any particular skills or abilities to attend an Interest Group – just come along. There is no chance of feeling foolish or uninformed – all our presenters have learned from the ground up and they cater for all levels of knowledge. They are extra good at explaining in layman’s language.
  • Then again, peer learning is hugely popular – where one member shows another or others something helpful – people love that. It’s great to help somebody and it’s lovely to have help from another member – so easy.
  • Contributing to the Group is most enjoyable for many – it’s fun to air your knowledge and help others succeed. But sitting there and soaking up the knowledge is absolutely fine too.
  • The reasonable cost is a good reason to attend an Interest Group too. It is only $5.00 for the session, almost all of which are two hours long, and the entrance charge includes a cuppa afterwards.
  • Groups are an excellent place to catch up with other members, enjoy some fellowship and make new friends. Groups operate in any weather and the people are friendly and welcoming.
  • Knowledge is at the centre of Group Learning. Generally there is more information available for you to read quietly later. This can be a hand-out on the day or it may be a written report emailed afterwards or wonderful links on our website for your learning pleasure. Some of them are links to helpful video tutorials which you can enjoy at your own pace. Everyone comes away feeling they have learned a lot.
  • Demand-driven content is another reason to attend a Group. Want to know something but it has not been covered? Ask the Convenor if the topic could be discussed at a future meeting….easy. Groups give people what they want.
  • We look forward to catching up with you soon!

Check out each Interest Group by clicking the images below: