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Getting the best out of Google Chrome


For all computers or laptops
Two x 2-hour session. Cost $20


This course will teach you how to use and customise the Google Chrome web browser. Bring your own laptop or use one of our SeniorNet computers


You need to be a reasonably competent computer user. Discuss this with the course tutor.


The overal objective of this course is to make you a competent user of the Google Chrome web browser. The following topics will be covered over the two sessions.
  1. Getting Started with Google Chrome: Learn the features of Google Chrome, how to download and install it to your computer.
  2. Browsing in Chrome: Learn how to navigate to and within websites, how use tabs, access your browsing history, and view your downloads.
  3. Customizing Chrome: Learn about the Chrome Web Store (which allows you to add applications, extensions, and themes).
  4. Bookmarking in Chrome: Learn how to add, manage and organise bookmarks.
  5. Privacy and Security in Chrome:  Learn how you can control what information you share online and how to install an ad blocker.


  • Resources for this course are on the GCFGlobal website. Learn all about browsing, customizing, and bookmarking in Chrome, as well as personalizing your privacy and security setting: Chrome tutorial
  • A playlist of Howto videos on YouTube

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