SeniorNet Nelson

Hall for Hire to Not-for-Profit Groups

SeniorNet Nelson is located in Pioneer Park, 11 Hastings Street, Nelson.

We may be able to let our Hall to other local Not-for-Profit organisations depending on their status. Please read the following requirements before applying for Hire.

The Hall may be available for Hire under certain conditions:

  • The use of the Hall must comply with our Lease Agreement.
    It is available to groups who are engaged in Sport or Recreation only.
  • That means we cannot hire the rooms for things like celebrations or for funerals or religious services.
  • The use of the rooms must also be for purposes that do not create a noise or nuisance of any kind.
N.B. A Member of SeniorNet Nelson must be present who is able to unlock the premises, control the AV equipment, comply with Health & Safety requirements and safely lock up afterwards.
  • Minimum Hire Period is 2 hours.
  • The recommended seated capacity is 90.

Facilities available

Facilities available:

  • Hall [8 metres x 13 metres]
  • Tables & trestles [Two trestles, one Table}
  • UHD Screen/ Audio
  • Heat Pumps x 2 [Heating and cooling]
  • Chairs [80 upholstered, 20 plastic]
  • Kitchen [Kitchen stove, Hot water heater, refrigerator, some crockery]

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To make enquires please leave a message at (03) 548-9401 or email 

Hall Hire Charges

Rates are Indicative:

  • A minimum of two hours is charged for any hire period.
  • Hire of the Hall includes use of the kitchen.
  • Payment in advance is required.

Indicative Rates:

  • For Hall Hire: $25 per hour.
  • Additional Hire of projector and sound equipment: $25 per session.
  • Special rates may apply for Not-for-Profit Groups – please enquire
  • No GST is applicable. SeniorNet Nelson is not registered for GST. 

We welcome enquiries for longer-term hire or regular use – rates by arrangement. 
To make enquires please leave a message at (03) 548-9401  or email 
Please read the Terms and Conditions and complete the Application for Hire of Hall