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Smoke Detectors


Three smoke detectors are installed :

  • in the Hall near the entrance to the big kitchen
  • in The Learning Centre
  • and in the hallway adjacent to The Learning Centre.

The smoke detectors are Chubb photoelectric and are supposed to be less prone to nuisance alarms.

The alarms look like this:

smoke detectorSmoke Detector

  • There are two buttons which can be reached from the floor with the stick we use to manage the hanging electric extension cords.
  • You will find this stick hanging on the wall next to the door into the Hall from the Learning Centre.
  • You can't read the writing on the alarm from the floor so the HUSH button (alarm silencer) has been coloured black and the TEST button next to it remains white.
  • The smoke alarm will automatically reset after 11 minutes

NOTE: dense smoke will override the alarm silencer (Hush) and a continuous alarm will sound

Before silencing an alarm you must be certain a safe condition exists.

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