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Newsletter Editor: Procedures



Procedures for the Newsletter Editor


  • Responsible for collating material, arranging and distributing the Newsletter.

Reports to: Management Committee
Liaises with: Management Committee, Newsletter Proofreader, Newsletter Assistant, Members, Interest Group Conveners and Tutors.


Ideally should be published monthly, by the second Wednesday of the month, from February to November.
Should be proof-read by someone in a position to pick up any facts or interpretations that need checking - like Financial information, Committee matters and general membership information.


Chair’s report

Timetable & links

Coming events and highlights

Interest Groups – any articles or snippets

Photos of people, with permission/ news links /Tech news / retrospective /link to things on our website/items to promote  interaction, seek articles / invite to Committee meetings/ link to Our People / bio of a member / reminder to  update address or email address etc. / local tech events / Federation news/



This link is to procedures for the Email System Administrator

MailChimp's knowledge base is very good.

There are hundreds of templates that can be used by starting from scratch. If you want to paste information there are 2 tools, one for plain text and the other for pasting from Rich Text Editor.

Otherwise you could use one of our own templates like "A newsletter template", and overwrite it. (Create campaign, then when you get to the Design Email area, select "Saved Template" and choose.

Or select a previous newsletter email to overwrite (Find in the newsletter folder,choose "replicate" from the drop-down).

Alternatively external software could be used to produce a newsletter saved as a pdf and uploaded to MailChimp.
This creates a very long link but it can be shortened by typing words and using "insert link".



A suggestion by Roger Pittman is pasted below:

"After chatting with a few knowledgeable parties, I have some ideas for keeping the Newsletter active in the shape of a Website news section. I’d like comments please and suggestions for other improvements. What I’m suggesting is:

We could take advantage of existing members’ skills without asking for too much effort or pressure. It would be great if members submitted short articles or messages (even texts) whenever they can, plus useful reference material and photographs. They could then be edited and augmented with additional material as deemed necessary and then “published” on the website at any time. The website section would appear like a magazine with captions and headlines and new material added at the top of the page and the older material being pushed off the bottom. There could also be a “persistent” section of longer lasting material acting as a reference, which would not be removed but would accumulate and occasionally be updated. Various how-to-do articles and the glossary would fit into this category. There could also be a linked archive of old stories.

There could be “advertisements” in the form of course proposals and schedules, and flyers for forthcoming events and gatherings. There could be a regular editorial from the chairman about various committee activities, in much the way as appeared in the old Newsletter.

The content, being displayed on a web page could have active links to other material on the SeniorNet website and elsewhere on the Net, rather like Wikipedia. Indeed any member could suggest links to existing material, and once checked by the editor, the information could be passed on to the web page creators to physically insert the links. Even relevant video posted on YouTube by members could have links! We could have a SeniorNet Nelson YouTube channel!

There could be a “grapevine and grumbles” section so that members could ask the committee about matters on their mind. Maybe even a technology problems section for simple queries and their fixes.

There could be an activities gallery of photographs and video which illustrates various events that take place and members would be encouraged to send in their snaps or video. Perhaps they could also suggest captions for them! We could encourage the use of images and video grabbed on members’ phones during moments of excitement, triumph, pride or laughter. It would show members (and the world) that we have fun learning!

Because the news section would be “live” continuously, there would be no deadline for articles and thus no pressure on those individuals who undertake the creation of content. The existing “load” of the old newsletter would be spread over several members rather than just one, the tasks of news gathering, editing and publishing being separate activities.

Promotion of a news section of the website is important. Unlike the old newsletter, which was “pushed” to the membership, a website news section would need to lead members to it. This could be done by adding a persistent slogan, advertising it to all emailings (maybe as a footnote). The main website could have a “flash” across the corner promoting new content to be found when it’s added to the news section".

September 2017

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