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Telephone Contact: Procedures



Procedures of the Telephone Contact

When someone rings our number it is automatically diverted to the Answerphone at the Learning Centre.

  • Most calls are about joining up and involve things like recording contact details and sending them to the Membership Secretary with a request that information be sent out by mail. This is because new members are sometimes more comfortable with paper-based information.
  • The callers who are happy to use the web site can sometimes be directed there.
  • Other enquiries are sent on to the relevant person who looks after that area.
  • It is important to check and respond every day.

To remotely respond to the answerphone system:
Dial our number 548 9401 locally or 03 548 9401 via mobile
When the message starts (after 2 rings) enter the code number you have been given
A new message will tell you the state of the answerphone messages.

You will be given a clear set of instructions by the answerphone service.

To respond to the answerphone system when in the LC
Just press the playback button.

Where necessary please log and pass on messages to the appropriate Volunteers.
Once handled, please delete that/those messages so other staff volunteers are not double handling messages.

To make out going calls dial out in the normal way, green handset button to get dial tone.

Liaises with: the Public, Management Committee, Membership Secretary, Our People, and Members.

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