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Chairperson: Procedures


Procedures for the Chairperson

Updated information supplied as available

Ensures that SeniorNet Nelson is functioning effectively and efficiently.
Reports to the Management Committee on all major discrepancies and exceptions.

Committee Management:
  • Chairs meetings
  • Manages and provides leadership to the Management Committee
  • Sets proposed agenda in conjunction with the Secretary
  • Promotes constructive discussion and manages decision-making at meetings
    (See Consensus Decision-Making Summary Sheet)
  • Reviews and signs minutes.
  • Keeps members informed of Management Committee decisions
Planner Convenor:
  • Maintains the annual SeniorNet Activity Planner for members’ meetings, open days, etc. (excluding courses)
  • Forms a Planning Group to focus on, and make decisions around, the major challenges we face
  • Monthly - Sends a Report of Meeting to the Management Committee before the third Wednesday of the month
  • Annually - Updates and publishes the Annual Plan when approved

Reports to: Management Committee
Liaises with: Management, Committee, Office Bearers and members

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