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Tutor/Volunteer Convenor: Procedures



Procedures for the Tutor/Volunteer Convenor

* Reports to Committee on matters concerning the delivery of our educational programme.
* Responsible for recruiting, training and liaising with all tutors/volunteers.
* Drafts guidelines and policy and training sessions for tutors/volunteers.
* Organises monthly tutors’/volunteers' training sessions.
* Provides training to newer tutors and tries to have them placed on a course for familiarisation.
* Ensures that all tutors have the current Tutors' Handbook and are prepared to carry out the procedures outlined.
* Checks that all volunteers are on the “Volunteers” mailing list on Mailchimp.

Volunteers should advise the Tutor/Volunteer Convenor if going to be away.

Liaises with: Course Convenor, Members, Calendar Manager and Committee.