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Email Officer (Weekly): Procedures



Procedures for Email Officer (Weekly)

Updated information supplied as available

  • Advises all members of coming events at SeniorNet Nelson
  • Publicises courses, Group Meetings and events
  • Sends a weekly email on Thursdays to all members highlighting unusual occurrences and promoting events
  • Includes a snip from the Timetable for the following week to promote attendance
  • Adds anything of general interest to members

Reports to: Management Committee.
Liaises with: Course Administrators, Publicity Officer, Tutors and Management Committee.

MailChimp - How to use Happenings Template

Prepare the Timetable snip:

  1. Using Chrome, go to the website TimeTable page, and reduce the screen to half size. (Hold down Windows key and press right or left arrow).
  2. Select and copy the dates you need.
  3. Open Word and paste the table into a blank document.
  4. Adjust the width of the cells for best layout, keeping the same overall width. these inside columns will get a bit narrower when you paste them, so allow a couple of extra spaces.
  5. Copy the new table.

Go to MailChimp

  1. Create campaign/create an email/ Campaign name : type “Happenings”/Begin.
  2. Choose list SeniorNet Nelson/Next.
  3. Type in a subject e.g. “Coming up soon”.
  4. Add Nelson after (from name) SeniorNet/Next.
  5. Click the saved Templates tab.
  6. Click on “Happenings Template”.
  7. Click inside the table, select all contents of the table, and use the delete key to delete the whole table.
  8. Check where the cursor is flashing, you may have to use the enter key or move to the place you want to insert your new table.
  9. Paste the table you copied earlier. (You can add anything else you want, above or below the table. Go back to Design if you need to add another block.) Next
  10. Check/Preview/Test/Send.


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