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Premises Manager - Rentals & Administration: Procedures



Procedures for the Premises Manager - Rentals & Administration


  • Finds, vets and manages appropriate tenants for rental of the Hall
  • Sets hire rates collaboratively
  • Advises the Calendar Manager of bookings
  • Ensures completion of the rental agreement, which defines all terms and conditions (including Health & Safety and insurance clauses)
  • Liaises with the tenant and educates them in the appropriate safe use of the hall and the kitchen
  • Monitors the condition of the Hall and the kitchen, including all equipment, following use by tenants and liaises appropriately
  • Arranges for payment of all monies due
  • Arranges for keys to be issued and returned

Liaises with: Management Committee, Meeting Co-ordinators and Hirers.

Administration of premises and assets

  • Arranges cleaning contract and supervises contractor for regular cleaning and spring cleaning of premises and assets
    Manages safety announcements and procedures such as safe seating and clear pathways to exits, signage
  • Manages security aspects – alarm and doorpad settings, and key register and any monitoring
  • Ensures that we comply with the terms of our Lease
  • Liaises with Nelson Underwater Club and Athletics Nelson regarding Lease and Sub-Lease or work done on rooms and any other matters
  • Files and distributes updated Lease agreements and any legal documents
  • Issues and manages keys

    Reports to Management Committee monthly and to Members as required
    Liaises with: Nelson Underwater Club, Athletics Nelson, Cleaning Contractor, Peta Spooner Academy of Dance 027-242-1442, Health & Safety Officer, Tradespeople, Premises Manager - Repairs & Projects, Purchasing Officer, Management Committee, Volunteers and Members

    11 Hastings Street (aerial view)
    Electrical layout schematic


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