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Secretary: Procedures



When passing on this role, the previous secretary should hand on the Induction Pack with the relevant access key, plus codes and numbers. The pack should include:- a copy of the current SeniorNet Nelson Constitution and a print-out of the latest list of the SeniorNet Nelson people and their contact numbers. Also, the customary procedures of committee members to communicate in between meetings via email, ie. marking as ‘urgent’, emails that require speedy attention. Delegation of any duties should be to committee/approved members.

  1. Recording of Meetings (Management, Special or AGM) will use the Agreed Agenda as a base. Minutes will acknowledge those present/absent and is primarily to note the decisions of meetings, with details of a proposal, those who presented it and what has been agreed..
    Also to note outstanding items and the date for the next meeting.
    This is then circulated as early as possible to the Management Committee members to allow amendments/additions whilst memory is still fresh,
    The Minutes are then presented at the next appropriate meeting for final approval.
    Storage of these minutes should be in the appropriate place – ie the Cloud.
  2. Proposed agenda – the format for an agenda will follow headings organised according to the agreed format.
    The secretary to submit the outstanding/waiting items being included and any actions or agreed by pre-meeting correspondence of the committee.
    The agenda will include discussion space for Reports that are circulated prior to Management Committee members.
    It should be circulated 5 days prior to the Management Committee meeting.
    For an AGM, its due date must be advertised to members giving 14 days' notice of the AGM with a poster notice displayed in the Hall.
  3. To request all reports and documentation at least 5 days before the monthly Management Committee meeting.
    Also to read these, so that everyone knows prior to meeting discussion time what has been reported.
  4. Correspondence will arrive by email and post.
    Emails are automatically redirected to a nominated receiver (secretary) and need to be sent on to the relevant person/s within SeniorNet Nelson.
    This will include other organisation newsletters.
    Posted items will be collected from the post box by another person and left in the office at the SeniorNet Learning Centre in the Secretary’s file box.
    Access to the building is by key and security code pad (on the wall of the first room - not in the corridor) and a keypad access is sited on the inner door to the office.
    Magazines are to be left in the office for others to peruse.
    Any significan Correspondence in/out-going will need to be included in the agenda for Management Committee meetings and filed with the minutes.
  5. Monitoring of phone call messages to be daily (within 24hrs) and can be done by remote access. There is a message centre that can be dialled and when the pin number is entered, the message is given.
    A phone message pad for SeniorNet Nelson messages is recommended.
    A return call is made to find out more information, including the address if membership is sought, and the caller’s details passed to the relevant person.
  6. Nomination forms for elections need to be prepared ... weeks prior to the AGM and left in the Hall.
    Remind all tutors to offer these to members attending the Centre.
  7. Collect Officer Details for any chnged Committee Member together with date of change. Give this information to the Treasurer, who will complete the online annual return form with Charities Services. Also provide the Treasurer and Website Editors with any changes to the constitution and committee members, or to their Roles. The Treasurer will file any changes to the Constitution with the Companies Office / Incorporated Societies. Once approved, the changes will be valid.

Reports to: Management Committee
Liaises with: Management Committee and Office Bearers.


Companies Office – Incorporated Societies

As well as advising Charities Services, we have to report changes to our contact details and changes
to our Constitution to the Companies Office.

Name of Society: Senior Net (Nelson) Incorporated.
Incorporated Society no. 608690 (Incorporated 26/5/93)

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Follow this link to learn how to use the online tools.

Use the Form IS2 to amend Constitution: the form describes the documents you have to file.

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