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Cashier: Procedures



  • Contents of P O Box 581
    The P.O. Box will contain mainly subscriptions, membership applications and accounts for payment.
    General mail is put in the box file for the Secretary.
    Accounts are put in the box file for the Treasurer.

  • Contents of “Post Box”
    The ‘Post Box’ will usually contain money (course fees etc.), Membership Application Forms and accounts for payment (e.g. claims from Tutors for Expenses).

Evaluation forms found in the Post Box are grouped and stapled together and placed in the relevant box file for Tutor Management.

Membership Application forms: Attach the receipt to the form, mark the foot of the front page with the receipt information and the Operating Systems   used by the new member. Place the form in the drawer in the Learning Centre for the attention of the Membership Secretary who will input the data to  SNAP.

Accounts for payment go into the box file for the Treasurer.

  • Recording income
    Write receipts for money received and indicates on receipt what it was for, e.g. subscription renewal or joining, course fees etc. Receipts are not posted out unless specifically requested. File the Remittance Advices.

  • At least weekly, enter the details of all income in the Banking Details form and balance the total with the cash on hand. The top copy goes to the Membership Secretary and the second copy goes to the Treasurer. The money is deposited to Westpac Bank.
  • Top up the Petty Cash and check any float ensuring there is an appropriate mix of notes and change on hand. Deduct the amount of top-up from the banking and balance by showing a negative amount at the bottom of the banking form.

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