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Federation Invoicing: Procedures



  • Log in to ‘Membership’.
  • Shortcut to SNAP is on desktop.
  • Open SNAP.
  • Click on ‘Reports’.
  • Click on drop-down arrow, then on ‘Courses – un-invoiced’ then ‘Preview’. Print this report.
  • Since we only invoice classes that ended in the month being invoiced, draw a line under the last class for that month.
  • Get the completed class forms from the back of the yellow folder and sort them as per the order on the report printed from 5 above.
  • Check all class forms are signed by the tutor.
  • Go to ‘Classes’ and search by Class ID. Check fees paid are all there.  Check all students entered as per notification form. (This may not be necessary).
  • Click on ‘Federation>Create next invoice’.  Go through the list of classes and uncheck those not being invoicede. have end date in the next month.  Record the invoice number on the ‘Courses – un-invoiced’ report printed from 5 above.  Important – make sure that the Hourly Rate at the bottom is the correct current rate as advised by the Federation. This may change at the beginning of the calendar year. Change it if necessary.
  • Click on ‘Invoice Selected Classes’, then ‘Print this invoice’.  Print a hard copy then publish as PDF – rename and save in My Documents in the folder for the current year’s invoices. 
  • Return to database and close print preview.
  • Click ‘Preview Federation invoice’, select the current invoice number from reveal arrow at top, then ‘Preview Enrolment Schedule’, print hard copy.  Check that all students have an entry for Gender and Age (if any are blank, check their enrolment form in New Members folder in filing cabinet and edit member data if necessary). Publish as PDF and save as in 11 above.  Close print preview.
  • Click ‘Monthly Stats Spreadsheet’ (opens in Excel on taskbar)– check codes all there and number of lines tallies with number of classes on Excel worksheet that opens – Save as (rename)/My Documents/Federation invoices [Current year].
  • Email to Grant Sidaway attaching Invoice and Stats.
  • Send extra email to Treasurer, Chair and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  attaching Invoice and Enrolment Schedule, plus the current updated ‘Interest Group Totals’ Excel file (see separate instructions for updating this).
  • Check operating systems of students and amend their records if appropriate.
  • File hard copies of Invoice and Enrolment Schedule in large folder (for current year) stored in kitchen cupboard.  Also file the class forms in this folder (for audit purpose).

July 2017

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