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Technical Interest Group 

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Held on the fourth Wednesday of the month in the SeniorNet Hall or Learning Centre at 2 pm.  $5 koha please.
A place where members meet and talk about Tech issues and tinker with hardware.
Please come and join us - no enrolment is required - just drop in if you are a financial member of SeniorNet Nelson.
Check the Timetable to see when the next session is on.


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Some recent workshops were all about networking:

Here are some links to the workshop material:  for networking development from the beginning. for Internet Protocol development. is software that enables you to capture network traffic as it flashes past so you can examine it at your leisure.  Mostly we don't need to do that.  For Windows 8 users, you can see that the system goes back to OS2 days which is almost the beginning of Windows 25 years ago.  Still in use.  Looks a bit different.  all about the cables.

 Tech Interest Group Members are encouraged to lead discussion on any problem they have encountered so that jointly we can find a solution.

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TIG Group 2017
Photo credit: John Watt

TIG Reports

TIG Report - August 2017
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