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Mac Interest Group

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Held on the Second Friday of the month in the SeniorNet Hall at 2 pm.  $5 toward overheads please.
All welcome! No enrolment is required - just drop in if you are a financial member of SeniorNet Nelson.
Check the Timetable to see when the next session is on. 

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Mac Interest Group Reports:

Report: 13th October 2017
Report: 8th September 2017

Report: 11th August 2017
Report: 14th July 2017
Report: 11th June 2017
Report: 13th April 2017
Report: 14th August 2015
Report: 15th July 2015


Mac Courses:

The  Introductory Course (run on either members' own computers or Learning Centre computers).  We have several tutors, and we are on the lookout for more from amongst our graduates.  The courses start with Basic and proceed to Advanced at the members' own pace.