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Windows 10: Beyond the basics

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Two x 2-hour sessions   Cost $20
Suitable for Windows 10 operating systems.



This Windows 10 course will teach you how to customise your computer.


You need to have attended our Windows Basic Skills course OR be a competent computer user. 

Email me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone me on 0210635981 to discuss whether this course suits your needs.

Learning Objectives

Session 1: Basic file and folder use refresher

Review files and folders and learn how to:

  • understand the computer’s file system
  • create and save a file
  • rename a file/folder
  • copy a folder, and file(s)
  • find, open and retrieve files
  • move files and folders, including to and from a flash drive

Session 2: Start menu and desktop

Learn how to:

  • customise the start menu (pin to start, tiles, live tiles)
  • personalise the desktop (different: background image, colour and font scheme)
  • create shortcuts to programs and files on the Desktop
  • use and customise the taskbar (add/remove shortcuts, Search, Task View, icons on right-end of the taskbar)
  • if time allows explore another topic such as: security features, keyboard shortcuts, troble-shooting problems